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Top o' the morning to everyone.

Hourglass Sea- L.A Lights

This is a reader's submission, a really dope piece of laid back electronic funk madness. Hourglass Sea is a producer out of the UK who really gets down with the basslines and the samples. Even though comparing artists is a tired and uninspiring music journalism technique, I cannot help but get a early Hudson Mohawke vibe from this. The groovy rnb steez coupled with the futuristic lazer sounds seal the deal for me, and honestly, who can hate on Super Mario coin sounds? You should check out his soundcloud for his other track Teenager, kind of on the same tip. Although he doesn't have that much material out (only two songs on the soundcloud), I'm hoping that you show this guy enough support so that he can release more bangin' tunes.

The next entry comes from a Canadian group called A Tribe Called Red. They are a group of Native American producers/djs that have gained quite a bit of exposure recently, after being talked about on MTV, Mad Decent and Montreal's own record label/blog Masala. DJ Frame from A Tribe Called Red hit us up with a few links a few weeks ago, and while it's taken a little time for it to grow on me, I've been catching myself bumping their crazy pow wow rave anthems a lot these days.

Electric pow wow drum by A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red samples Native American sounds and traditional music, and meshes it with modern electronic music sounds, be it dubsteppy sub-bass bangers or upbeat club stabs. Although they have not released most of their material (only available on soundclound so far), the reaction to their tunes has been so positive that I'm certain that they'll get some kind of push this year. While Ottawa is not a city that's known for its craziness (actually, it's bloody fucking dull), the fact that it has spawned a crew this dope might make me reconsider its worth hahaha.

And to finish off the post, I would like to introduce you to a fantastic artist out of our very own Montreal. I should probably devote an entire post to him, because there is so much to say about his style, but I figure that a few videos, songs and words could satisfy your hunger for now. If you dig this stuff, I can definitely hunt down more of his material and post it. Let me know in the comments.


Bad News Brown- Reign

Hip-Hop was born from sampling old funk and soul records, and as time went on, sampled pretty much everything under the sun. However, one sound that has almost never been really exploited is the blues (Actually, it's like 06:45 in the morning and pretty bloody tired, so I might be wrong on this one). The harmonica, besides being one of the raddest intruments ever, is Bad News Brown's calling card. Odds are you've probably never heard of this guy, but he gets a lot of respect from the underground hip-hop scene, and has opened for Raekwon, Nas, Busta Rhymes and Cypress Hill.

Bad News Brown is a vet in the Montreal scene, an extremely talented and prodigious musician who started out busking on the streets, then hit open mic nights and paid his dues. Harmonica, as you'll soon find out, is apparently the perfect companion to 808s. Good lord this is fine music. Just when I thought hip-hop had exhausted its possibilities, it goes ahead and surprises the hell out of me.

Bad News Brown- Born 2 Sin

I hope that you've enjoyed today's post, and I hope to be starting a segment soon that'll let us show some appreciation and love to our great readers and followers.

Be easy.



  1. Rad fucking post my good man. I remember the first time I went to reggies there was Bad News Brown playing his harmonica. Stuck in my mind ever since.

  2. Man I second that, Bad News Brown is amazing with his harmonica. It's great to see someone bringing the harmonica back! It's been too long and it's got all dusty, Reign is a brilliant song.

  3. Keep up the good work. Music like this needs to be exposed to more people.

    all the best