In denial

You know, Cal often speaks the truth. My post this morning (night shift for the win!) will consist of me bitching about the weather, and dropping a few bombs, and a great video. I realize that it's nigh-useless for us to apologize about our laziness every other post, so I'll try to cut that out. Not that we arent' apologetic about it, of course, but merely because it must be getting old to hear the same speech all of the time.

Even though I've said in the past that I try not to listen to reggae in the winter, as it is way too depressing, a recent obsession with all things UK has forced me to come to terms with the vast carribean influence in its music scene. Also, after checking out a few BEST OF 2010 lists, I've come accross a few really dope tunes that had passed me by.

Jesus H Christ it's cold in Montreal. Ugh.

Enjoy the beats!

Natalie Storm x Redlight- Bang Bang (MDMA riddim refix)

Natalie Storm, of amazing dancehall outfit TnT, hopped over the grime/uk bass anthem MDMA from British procuder Redlight on a recent mixtape with Federation Sound's own Max Glazer (which you can grab on Federation's site HERE). You should really check out the mixtape, it's filled with great stuff. Natalie storms goes in on a bunch of dancehall, reggae, house and uk funky beats. Vicious flow!

Gappy Ranks- Longtime

Apparently Gappy Ranks got his start on UK Pirate Radio, and has collaborated with such artists as Twista, Lethal Bizzle & Kray Twinz. He's a multi-talented vocalist/lyricist that can pull off proper dancehall, reggae and grime tunes effortlessly. This is probably one of the best reggae tunes of the past year and I will definitely look forward to exploring more of Gappy Rank's vast catalog.

Completely unrelated sidenote:

Colour me reaaaaally late, but I just discovered Rinse FM. Yeah, I know. Tragic.

The last song that I'm posting is a reader submission, LUV LUV by Two Inch Punch, a producer out of the UK. It's a great slice of Luvstep, the peculiar sub-genre of dubstep that focuses on soft, ethereal vocals and melodies instead of the straight wobble-wobble that a lot of brostep banks on. Regardless, Two Inch Punch provided us with a little write-up that'll give a bit of insight into his admittedly interesting musical background. Check out his soundcloud more more goodies, if you please.

I am a frustrated Soul / RnB singer, with an ear for harmony, melody & a love for dub, rap and soul.

My background is that I am a songwriter/producer for I Blame Coco & Lil Wayne, guitarist for Little Boots, remixed for Marina & The Diamonds.

This is my solo project where i dig for weird drum sounds, glitchy basses, smashed up strings & squashed vocals and retune them to make my own track

+++ Luv Luv --- by +Two Inch Punch-

We've actually posted this next video on our Facebook page, but for those of you who are not members (shaaaaaame), I've decided to post it. It's a new documentary of sorts, shot by 2 guys who decided to explore New York City's beautiful underground, meaning the often abandonned subway stations. If you've ever written graffiti before, I think this video really captures that tension, that palpable feeling of adrenaline that comes with sneaking around in places that you shouldn't be at.

If you're into urban exploration, or if you just enjoy well-shot,visually amazing videos, then you should definitely get a kick out of this.