well well well if it isnt my first post of the new years 
actually it must be my first post in the past 2 weeks or so
doing what AtV does best        

we didnt have a best of 2010 cause we are lazy bums
instead I encourage you to peep the brilliant list John Roman put together
110 tracks you should've heard in 2010
his Sing Ep is dropping mid January
show some love

on with material from the new year
Skream hopped on the remix of Cassius' "I love you so"
adding a very enjoyable up tempo dubstep twist to the song
it will be one of those early hits of the year
Annie Mac knows best

aahhhh sheeeeit Ghostface is back on the Killah tracks
the sample is weirdly inserted into this phenomenal beat
totally makes the song in my opinion

Ghostface Killah - Together Baby

I am quite surprised to have never posted the Toddla T remix of Gyptian's banger "Hold Yuh"
nor the Major Lazer remix and I really like the song
but my procrastination will be beneficial for all in the end
Mad Decent ya feel me

Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Richie Beretta Remix Feat Badda Flex)

Believe me we have hyped more than enough people from Reims
Rightously so
It is therefore impossible to pass up Monsieur Monsieur
Get on their new Dirty Minded EP
Dropping soon with remixes from Canblaster
Excellent say Brodinski, Drop the Lime, Style of Eye & Crookers
New remixes our up on their Soundcloud suckas

Adam Kesher - Hundred Years Later (Monsieur Monsieur Remix)

right hope you have been enjoying my punctuationless post
it has been a thrill to do
enough with the going mental
one more song should fix this
no idea how i missed this last year

Clouds - Liquid

B is for BANG

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