I'm on the top floor/no neighbors

Rain and clouds on a Saturday afternoon? What a great excuse for a quick little post. You know how we roll on weekends. Laziness uber alles.

Mandrill- Children of the Sun

Great but strange funk tune. It starts off on a cosmic medieval vibe, then kickstarts the funk when you least expect it. Fast forward to 3:16 for a nice little surprise. Anyone remember those horns?

Broadcast- Black Cat

An indie tune from 2006 that features that great sound that my radio and stereo make when I'm about to receive a call. Cell phone feedback noise for the win.

Cee-Lo Green- Fuck You

Yes, it's been posted a million times so far. Cee-Lo, for those not in the know, is Goodie Mob's crooner extraordinaire, Gnarls Barkley's meal ticket and one hell of a unique and talented MC. This cut is off of his upcoming album, The Ladykiller. I try to avoid posting songs that've been overblogged, but there was something about this one that I couldn't resist. Soulful as hell.

Big Nuz- Wawungenenjani

A bit of South African Kwaito to get your evening started.

See you on the flipside.



  1. I love your blog site... I love the range of music and come here all the time to listen to the latest stuff you've up loaded... THANK YOU!!! <3

  2. be the horns from Shawty Lo's - Dey Know?
    and yo didn't we have a reggae remix of that song?