Butterface Riddim

The girl is like super cute for real, but I'm hoping the paper bag will convey my intentions.

Well in the past week I chilled quite a bit with my music guru. He is none other than Mr. MDMA. During a little chilling night with him and a few friends, a clip from Chromeo eventually surfaced. I was awestruck to hear them hanging out and playing with 80's pop/rock stars Hall & Oates.

One thing lead to another and we were watching the clip for the 2nd single off their upcoming album "Business Casual". This clip is something else, be sure to check it out!

Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On

A few days later, I was checking out Art Nouveau's August Chart and noticed Aeroplane had remixed this song. The Belgium producer slows down the vocals and adds an incredibly sexy disco vibe to it, brilliant!

Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On (Aeroplane Remix)

To finish this up, I simply got to mention the imminent release Clockwork's "Elevated EP". Judging from the last post I did on L-A's own Henry Steinway, you should know I really dig this guy's input. I was even more stoked to see John Roman doing a remix of Airflow. Another chill dude I'm trying to support as best as a music blog can do.

Clockwork - Airflow Snippet (John Roman Remix)

Valerna's remix just went up for free download, enjoy and props to Gotta Dance Dirty and Chemical Jump!

Airflow (Valerna Remix)- Clockwork by ClockworkMusic

I'll update this post with the purchase link for the EP when it becomes available.

Hope this starts your week off on a positive note.



  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svcbUdlUjOk

  2. Bynie, I posted the chromeo song like less than a week ago hahah.

  3. hahah very true man, had meant to just post the aeroplane remix

  4. hot damn i want a mp3 of that hall n oats/chromeo jam so bad