Back To Basics Pt. 4

We back again. Time and time again. On that hip-hop thang, again.

Traxamillion Ft. Husalah, Jacka, & San Quinn - From The Hood
Reknown Bay Area producer Traxamillion gives us one fresh beat on this less known 2006 single. This is how it would sound if pure crack had a soundtrack!
- You put your faith in sluts man you ain't seen enough
- You put your face in sluts man you ain't real as us

Lil Keke Ft. Paul Wall & UGK - Chunk Up The Deuce
Paul Wall spits one of the illest verses on this track, straight up boss from the South.
- My jewelry shop sell more grills
- Than George Foreman, baby now ya know
- That ain't a igloo, that's my watch
- And that ain't snow, baby that's my chain
- That's not an ice tray, that's my teeth
- And that's not a snowcone, that's my ring

- No 401K for a hustler
- Just bleed the block and stack that paper
- M.O.B. when it come to hoes
- And a 40 cal when it come to haters

Beanie Sigel Ft. Rock City - Go Low
I remember Cal had this on one of his early mix CDs he did in Whistler. It was a censored version though, so I hunted down the uncensored version on some lost mixtape. It was well worth it, song is dope.

Clyde Carson - Let's Go
Back in Bay Area days. Another "quick google search of Bay Area rap" as some readers term it. You better dig this one fools.
- I put it so deep, probably thought it was a ruler.
- Ain't nothin' between us but aiiir.

Glasses Malone Ft. Quiz - Worst NiteMare
The beat on this track is what makes it for me, hard.

Thaaaat's it for today,


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  1. if you don't giva damn we don't giva f**k! ...keep um comin!