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Today will be a little different. There will still be a few mp3s, but I'm focusing on great mixes. To start this off, I just got to mention The Rub. Started by DJ Ayres in Brooklyn's Southpaw back in 02, it began as a night of hip hop. DJ Eleven was a guest for the first night of The Rub. Cosmo Baker joined in the partying shortly after and the three of them have been doing their thing ever since. However, doing shows isn't everything, they constantly put out new material for their fans and when they dropped the first edition of It's the Motherfucking Remix Vol. 1, it put The Rub at a worldwide level. The latest volume was released a few days before the start of 2010. Grab the mix on their site for free and a few of my favorite tracks below, enjoy!

It's the Motherfucking Remix Vol. 3

B. Hamp vs Puff Daddy – Do The Ricky Bobby (DJ Protege remix)

Kanye West – Champion (Nick Catchdubs remix)

ODB vs Rhythm Heritage – Got Your Money (DJ Eleven remix)

Pase Rock vs Axwell – Get Money (Emynd remix)

C&C Music Factory – A Deeper Love (Morsy remix)

Jonny Blaze – Let’s Rock This Joint

The Specials – Ghost Town (Sake One remix)

You can show some love by buying a hard copy CD in The Rub Store

While on subject, DJ Ayres suggested that I mention another project they've been working on called the Hip-Hop History Mix. All I can say is that they ain't fucking around, Vol. 1 of this series goes all the way back to 1979 and Hip-Hop History 2002 Mix came out a few days ago!

In the recent past, I talked about John Roman, that incredibly talented Canadian DJ. Once again that's JOHN ROMAN, remember his name in 2010. Well in the past week he has finally released his Reclusion Mix and as expected it's banging! I can't wait till Sing is released, such a good song. In more recent news, I want all these songs.

RECLUSION by John Roman

Good listening

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  1. kANYE... iT IS TIME foR YOUR DOOM!!!! There is a hilarious parody video of Kanye's new song Power on YouTube. Search for Kanye West Power by Tubbychubcakes to see it!