In my perfect world "diplomacy" would have nothing to do with negotiations about important international affairs. "Diplomats" would have nothing to do with negotiating peace treaties or whatever. In my perfect world, "diplomats" would be followers of the new religion "Diplomacy" and we would all worship Diplo. Enough with the absurd veneration and downright silliness and let's get on with the show.

DJ Kazu - Sushi Chop (Prod. by Diplo)
Who else than Diplo to bring some Japanese Bounce into the average person's music world. Warning: Please be careful, this shit is hot to be, hot to be hot, to be hot, to be hot, to be hot to be, hot to be.

Diplo - Smash a Kangaroo
Anothern of Diplo's weird, with F up lyrics and less heard of songs. Seriously, no idea how someone gets the idea to kill a kangaroo and take a pill. No kangaroos were harmed during the production of this song.

Diplo & Borgore - Sunsets
You think everything is fine, everything is ok... then mindfuck. Your mind is pounded so hard you begin silently praying to yourself. It stops for a second, a single ray of sunlight shines through the grimy window behind you. You let out a sigh, but it's back for more. In the end, this event will slowly drift away. A repressed memory which will resurface in your adulthood. Gotta love dubstep.

Major Lazer Ft. Ninjasonik - Pon de Floor (Diplo Rap Remix)
The first post on the blog was about Ninjasonik, so let's bring him back. I think everyone has heard of Major Lazer in 2009. Diplo & Switch make one incredible team, Diplo on the remix adding, New York based rapper, Ninjasonik's lyrics to the song.

Sia - Clap Your Hands (Diplo Remix)

Since you can't use cowbells in every song, why not try adding a clap? A hard bassline, some wobble, more clap in the vocals and voilĂ ! You got yourself some heat for the street.

Jackie Chain Ft. Jhi Ali - Rollin' (Diplo Remix)
Ode to those multicolored "skittles" on one incredibly fresh beat.

Hollertronix - Golddigger (Diplo Remix)
Diplo does hella B-More beats. What can't this guy do...

Gucci Mane Ft. Lil B - Break Yourself (Diplo Remix)
Off Diplo's Free Gucci Mixtape. The whole thing is tight, I recommend you go grab it if you haven't yet.

Do we promote diversity? Fuck yes man. Ain't it just great for me to be able to do just that with a single artist? Fuck yes.

One last thing, go check out Mad Decent! You'll find plenty of dopeness such as vuvuzela electro.

Vuvuzela Beat by Ghostdad


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