do or die, criminal

wamp wamp what it do. sunny day, lets get that chill music going on

BBU - Somebody Watchin' Me (Prod. by Shifty Tricks)
BBU - Who Da Fuck Is You ? (Prod. Shifty Tricks)
1st beats by Chi-town powergroup BBU which stands for an awsome name : Bin Laden Blowin Up ahahahh. Pretty much underground, they released a while back a free mixtape called "Fear Of A Clear Channel Planet". You have some random shit on this album, believe me, but I find their sound a bit different then what you're used to in modern hiphop. One track sampling classic song "somebody watching me" by Rockwell, cant really go wrong with that. The other one "Who Da Fuck Is You" makes you want to scream this shit to everyone looking at you in the streets.

Common & Sadat X - 1-9-9-9
Classic beat with Common & Sadat X. One of my favorite Common joint. Sip a beer and just chill.

Outkast - Flip Flop Rock (Feat. Killer Mike & Jay-Z)
Since summer is in full effect, well we need that Flip Flop Rock yaknow. You got some of the best mainstream flow on this beat. Good song, people have been sleeping on this beat for quite a while since its from the Speakerboxx album. Enjoy

Clipse - Wamp Wamp (Beuuurk Remix)
Bonus : blend/cue/edit/beat/remix I did fucking around with ZACOMPUTEUR, not perfect but whatever I thought Id share.

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