A post, can it be?

Fake Blood - I Think I Like It (EC$STACY Edit)
Spotted this in the comments of another blog on Friday before leaving to Quebec. It proved to be an epic night. This remix by Tommie Sunshine and Figure uses the actual sample in the song and gives us one groovy remix.

Arabesque - In The Heat Of Disco Night
Just realized I might as well throw in the original sample while I'm at it.

yU - Fine
Aight while I'm into sample songs I might as well post this. As a dedicated musicphile I will keep pushing stuff from Subskrpt. I still don't know much about who this guy isexcept he seems to be friends with Switch and is the newest member of the Dubsided crew. Switch recently released a new vinyl under his Solid Groove moniker which includes "Throwing Stones" and Subskrpt's "We'll Be Fine". Show your support here.

Massive Attack Ft. Hope Sandoval - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)
This might be a little too trancy techno for some, but it just sends chills down my back everytime I hear it.

Boys Noize - Kontact Me (BeatauCue Remix)
Mentioned this in my last post, you can now choose for yourself which remix sounds better.

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Baby Diego Edit)

Once again I'm amazed that someone has made a remix of this song. Mainly because it hasn't even been released yet. I guess it's fair to say this will be a massive summer hit.

It's good to be back.


  1. Nice post mang!

    Just a note on the Barbara Streisand "remix".. Baby Diego just did what A-Trak and AVH did and simply reshuffled and put a beat behind Boney M's song 'Gotta Go Home'. Refer to this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EjLWh2150I

    Hell, I guess I'll remix an A-Trak and AVH hit right now, even before it's released!

  2. haha please do so and ill post yours along with baby diego's and o-god's!

  3. I did one better and remixed O gods version with Atrak and dave1 talking about it... its discomentary disco... i did it for my Dance for Animals charity mix for the goa animal welfare trust...

    get it/blog it here