Let's get into it, ladies and gentlemen. It's been a lil' while, hasn't it.

I'll try to switch it up this morning. Hopefully there's something for everyone.

Peter Peter ft Coeur de Pirate- Tergiverse
Peter Peter- Homa

Peter Peter is a very recent discovery of mine, a folk/pop artist from Montreal that sings in French. I bought his album after only seeing a few videos of him performing a few songs acoustically, and I must regrettably inform you that the CD's mastering is absolutely piss poor. The songs are still pretty sweet, but it sounds like poo, man. Peter Peter makes really depressing minimal pop music, with a touch of folky whispering included. This might not be your cup o' tea, but I enjoy it a whole lot.

Swedish House Mafia- Save the World (Style of Eye & Carli remix) (REMOVED BY REQUEST)

Yeah, I went there. This has probably been posted on everyone and their mother's blog, but given its undeniable summery anthem feel, I figured I might as well include it. This will probably rule the clubs, beaches and terrasses this summer, for sooth. Warning: May induce fist-pumps galore.

Mata ft Mali Boi, M.P & Big P.O.P.E- Streetz

Block Beataz in this bitch. Besides Yelawolf & G.Side, I guess I haven't really been hearing too much about the Huntsville scene, but I still bump old PRGz & Slow Motion Soundz tunes on the regular. This was one of the more 'street' tunes that they released, a heavy trunk-rattling banger with an absolutely amazing beat. Mali Boi, who produces most of the Paper Route tunes, and raps on a few tunes, is nuts, and Big P.O.P.E still has one of the most unique voices in rap.

Diplo & Douster- ON! (REMOVED BY "REQUEST")

Again, this has been posted quite a bit elsewhere, but it's a really neat collabo between two of the dopest club DJs out there, so I just had to share it. Not really sure what to call this. Grunts, beeps, wild percussion and fart sounds make the club go wild.

Lunice & Young L- Hip Pop (remix)

Merci #basedgod. Waaaaaaaaaay too much (dare I say it...) swag for one tune. Thanks to Southern Hospitality for putting this together, really doe. Montreal x Bay Area. Lucky Me x Legendary Inc. Good x Lord.

I am tired as hell, time to go to sleep.


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