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It's 9:40 in the morning, sunny as hell outside, and I'm off to bed. Coming back home after a long-ass night shift doesn't exactly put you in the mood to write anything of any substance, but I'll try my best. I'll try to get deeper some other time.

In the meantime though, here's some scattered thoughts from ya boy.

Jim-E Stack- Lemme (REMOVED BY "REQUEST")

Brand new tune from New Orleans' resident maniac, the one and only Jim-E Stack. Every single one of his productions are fresh to death, and this one is no exception. Wild hedonistic rhythms and insanely tripped out samples are his modus operandi, and no one really produces anything that sounds quite like his tunes. He's also pretty darn good at DJing, so check him out if he rolls through your town, it shan't disappoint.

Machinedrum- Swagfuneral (Low Quality rip)

Sorry. Machinedrum is one of the sickest producers in the game, and I must applaud the fact that he, like many of us, is getting tired of the word "swag" being overused. This is a low quality rip of his funeral dirge. Lunice likes to start off his shows with this thing, and I figured you might dig it, at least as a conversation starter. (Yes, I use the word swag all of the time. I'm trying to stop, but for now, I'm part of the problem)

DJ Javier Estrada- Baile Swag

Javier Estrada is so unbelievably boss. This young producer from Monterrey is blowing up and receiving mountains of praise from all over the globe. He started producing his own take on Tribal Guarachero called 'prehispanico', but has started to incorporate a lot of crazy sounds and influences into his music as of late, like Moombahton and cumbia. Hit up his soundclound for more goodies, he's mighty prolific, and his tunes are bound to turn any summer party into a sweat-drenched display of debauchery.

Crooked Lettaz ft Pimp C- Get Crunk

Before David Banner was whispering dirty things into your ear, he was a half of a duo called Crooked Lettaz. Their album Grey Skies is a bona-fide Southern classic. This is probably my favorite cut off of the album, an absolutely amazing street gospel tune featuring the late, great Pimp C.

Stereoheroes- Longshot (NEUS remix)

Epic bang0r! I told you I wouldn't be getting too deep today, ahaha.

Good "night", my friends.


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