Busy, busy, busy. I'm falling behind schedule, goddamn it. Work is getting in the bloody way of giving you that hot fire. I'll be dropping a bunch of dope profiles in the next few days to make up for this gaping hole in posting.

In the meantime, please enjoy these random tunes.

Bon Iver- Calgary

Brand new tune from the great Justin Vernon. I'm a pretty big fan of Bon Iver, as I think it is one of the most interesting folk projects of the past few years. This new offering is somewhat stripped-down, but very beautiful nonetheless.

Cee-ro- Don't ever be lonely

We posted about Cee-Ro a while ago, and here is another fantastic tune from this hip-hop producer. Chilled-out vibes to soothe your soul.

The Federation- Get Naked You Beezy


Hyetal- Diamond Islands

Ethereal vocal samples + haunting drum loops + dreamy synths = amazing. I'm having trouble communicating exactly why Hyetal is one of the most exiting new producers in the game, to be honest. It's just an innate feeling. Diamond Islands is sensual and somewhat melancholic. A georgeous tune, to put it simply.

The Chain Gang of 1974- Undercover (Twin Shadow remix)

Great remix of Undercover by one of my favorite acts, those warriors of radness, Twin Shadow. It is a strange remix, a bit all over the place in terms of arrangements, but it still retains the poppy melodies and 80s grooves that Twin Shadow is so well-known for.

Azari & III – Hungry For The Power [Art Department Remix] by PurplePR

Azari & III vs Art Department. Damn, Toronto gets dowwwwwn.

See you tomorrow.


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