Ketslugs: Swag (mix)

Ketslugs is a new project between two DJs in the south of France. Ketzian and OldSlugs, two friends from the French town of Perpignan, have very recently started to adventure into the wild world of production.

In order to hype up their new Ketslugs project, they've released this sweet 37 minute mix that highlights some of the most gifted talent in electronic music at the moment. Swag, the mix we're featuring today, is a solid selection of uptempo, somewhat unclassifiable house music. The producers featured in the mix are all known for blurring the lines between genres, and Ketslugs keeps the groove jacking around for the entirety of the mix. I dig the fact that it doesn't really stay in one particular vibe, and even though the tempo doesn't switch up too much, I must say that the mixing is pretty on-point as well.

And let's be honest, finishing with a little bit of Montreal flavour like ITFW and Lunice gains quite a few points in my book as well, haha.

Ketslugs will be releasing their first tunes on their soundcloud page soon, so I recommend that you bookmark it. If this mix is any indication, these two dudes have a great ear for selection, rhythm and style, and their future productions are bound to reflect that. Keep an eye out.

Ketslugs - Swag - Free Download by Ketslugs


1. Pearson Sound vs Hardrive - Deep Inside Refix
2. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka - Creeper
3. Ciara - Deuces (NGUZUNGUZU Remix)
4. 702 - Steelo (LOL Boys & Sinjin Hawke Remix)
5. Herve - Together (C.R.S.T. Remix)
6. Zombie Disco Squad - Pinky
7. Twist It! - Funky Money (Wolfie remix)
8. Mister tweeks - Money
9. Little Jinder - Youth Blood (Bok Bok Remix)
10. Clouds (Crush House Edit)
11. Whistle - Pillowtalk (Mr Pud Remix)
12. D1 - Bleeps To Broadway
13. Canblaster - Jet Pack (Maddjazz Remix)
14. JTRP - You Want It
15. Seiji - More Of You
16. ITFW - Haters
17. Lunice - Hitmane Anthem