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On the menu today, we have offerings from Bombé, Krueger, Leo Justi, Dances With White Girls and poolsmusic. All of the songs are streamable, most are downloadable, and every single one of them is dope. Enjoy.

Ivy Castle Pt. 2 by Bombé

We've posted about Philedelphia-based Bombé a few times now, so you should be somewhat familiar with his top-quality productions. For those who aren't, I'm planning on doing a profile on him in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that. He is still a relative unknown in the bass music world, which I find ridiculous, but I'm confident that he will blow up soon. This is a gargantuan percussive anthem with a very dark feel. Frightening and funky.



Krueger is a Philly-based producer that I've only recently stumbled across. He labels his music as a mix between tropical and future bass, but I'm trying not to put music into sweet little categories anymore. The lines between genres are so blurred these days that to pigeonhole tunes takes something away from the brilliance of the music. This particular tune is like a sinister mariachi anthem of sorts. A sampled ragga vocal is tossed over thundering bass and a misleadingly sweet melody, and your ears and brain are pretty much reduced to rubble. So dope.


Savage Skulls - Caravan (Leo Justi Heavy Baile Mix) by Leo Justi

Like for a lot of people, Diplo was responsible for my first introduction to Baile Funk. While the hype and fervor surrounding the genre has pretty much died down, I started noticing baile vocals and influence creeping into a lot of house tracks. It has a very distinct hypnotic cadence that incites booty-shaking like almost no other genre. Leo Justi is a DJ/producer out of Rio de Janeiro whose remix of Savage Skulls/Tony Senghore collabo Caravan was featured on the most recent episode of the Sound Pellegrino podcast. Duke Ellington doing the dirty with pounding Baile Funk rhythms, now that's a great combo.


Bout The House (original) (Plant Music) by danceswithwhitegirls

Thug house is a movement. This is a forthcoming release on Plant Music that features acid house stylings and trademark Dances With White Girls vocals. His productions all have a great 'New York house' feel to them, and always make me think of a sweaty, drugged-up warehouse rave. It's about the house, y'all. Gospel music on extacy.


Pools VS Biggie - Can I Get Wetcha by poolsmusic

poolsmusic is a new collaboration project between L-A DJ Thee Mike B and San Fran DJ Morse Code. Honestly, their steez is pretty self-explanatory. It's a soundtrack to lounging around a pool. Of course, I'm having a really hard time relating to it, given that Montreal is blanketed in snow, but these looped giggles are giving me hope. Hurry the fuck up, spring. I'm fiending for warm weather. (Also, R.I.P to BIG, lest I forget)


On to other things:

Either one post a day isn't enough for you guys, or we're falling off, according to Google Analytics. Which is why we are going to try to post twice a day from now on, and we're trying to work on a 2.0 version of the site, an overhaul if you wish. The content and the swag shan't change, obviously. We're just going to make it a lot nicer to look at, a lot more varied, and make it easier for you to get around. Either way, that should be ready in the next month or so, if all goes according to plan.

I'm a glutton for reader participation, so I'm just throwing this out there: do you have any suggestions/things you'd like to see in the new version of Avenge the Virgins? Let us know in the comments.


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