Mackpaye: Appeal/Fragrance EP

When we first started to gain a following on Avenge the Virgins, about a year ago, one of the first people to contact us and suggest music was a like-minded blogger named Loic Mackpayen, a.k.a Mackpaye, a 19 year old from Reims, France, who runs a hip-hop and electronic music website called Source of Cool.

Mackpaye also mentioned that he DJed and was thinking of getting into production. As he started releasing his Source of Cool mixes, which you can grab on his soundcloud, posted below, I started noticing his remixes and original productions start creeping into them.

Therefore, it was only natural that he would start releasing his music on a proper platform, and lo-and-behold, he recently sent us an e-mail informing us that 12-3 Recordings out of Stockholm was releasing his debut EP, Appeal/Fragrance.

12-3 Recordings is a relatively new label, founded and curated by Sticky Stockholm, a producer and DJ out of the Swedish DBTY! camp. Mackpaye's EP is their third release, and it is a very solid effort indeed, already gaining early support from LOL Boys, Art Nouveau and WATM Magazine, among others.

Both tunes can be described as proper house music, with a very deep soulful vibe. The A-Side, Appeal, is a nostalgic and groovy deep house tune that features a sexy r&b sample, but my favorite of the two is Fragrance, probably because I'm a sucker for horns that melt into great stuttery vocals. Jazzy, loungy but still likely to make you dance until the early hours of the morning. This is heartfelt house music, the kind that forces you to put your hand in the air with your eyes closed. Soulful & sexy.

I've included the press kit and both songs, which are streamable. Appeal/Fragrance drops tomorrow, the 9th of March, on both Beatport & Itunes, so be sure to cop this impressive effort from this talented newcomer in the strong Reims scene.

A: Appeal (Original Mix) by 12-3 Recordings

B: Fragance (Original Mix) by 12-3 Recordings

Young Reims-based producer, dj and blogger Mackpaye was picked up on 12-3 after sending some super dope, and truly soulful demo tracks this winter.

This very debut EP is a smooth master piece consisting of equal parts deep vibes and vocal flow. House music paying tribute, and looking forward, it fits the 12-3 catalogue perfectly.

Appeal is almost melancholic, modern r’n’b meets a classic house sound in a sweet symbiosis.
The B-side, Fragrance, is a more classic track in both structure and sound, a true jewel full of groove.

Source of Cool

12-3 Recordings Soundcloud

Big ups and congrats on the new release, Loic.


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