rainy days

Rainy up in here. Seems like mother nature hates me, always sunny during the week but when it comes to the weekend, bouya. Anyhow, rainy days are always good for a music enthusiasts ; somebooooody exactly like you and me.

Mostly chill vibes that I felt like listening to at the moment.

Machine Drum - Late Night Operation (feat. Theophilus London)
1st off "late night operation" featuring NYC prodigy Theophilus London. Nice mellow but catchy beat. Mister London delivers a buttery flow. Look for Machine Drum's work, very talented producers, also from Brooklyn.

Letherette - Late Night Operation feat. Theophilus London (Remix)
The remix by Letherette starts on a hip hop note but quickly changes into a glitchy electro beat. Its bananas.

Afta-1 - Honey Dip
If you haven't heard the Aftathoughts Vol 1 album by Afta-1 yet well go peep that shit quickly. Good hip hop instrumental ambient beats for them rainy days. Good background music to execute your favorite indoor hobby.

Bonobo - Between The Lines (feat. Bajka)
Last one by Bonobo featuring vocalist Bajka. She adds a nice soul touch to the song. Enjoy

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  1. might I add his flow is so butter you can spread it on toast. speaking of toast I feel like getting toasted.