I'm too saxy

With MDMAwesome away, seems like I'll have to get my "eh" game on and start posting on a regular basis. Today's post has a theme! (don't we all love themes?) Well as you'll notice while listening to the songs, the theme today will be sax, trumpet or any horn instrument intertwined with electro/house music. Songs go from old to new so you can see the evolution of this style, yadig?

Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn

Relatively old track released on Dubsided some time last year. It has Jesse Rose's signature simplicity mixed with glitchy horns. I think it's worth mentioning Crookers and Mad Kids remixed this song.

Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Mad Kids Remix)

Since we always like supporting Montreal talent, (seems like Mr. Rose himself showed some love for the remix) this track is definetely worth checking out.

The Partysquad - CrazyFunkyStyle (Original Mix)

Another dance floor killer from Mad Decent. This one is off the 10th and last edition of Hollertronix. For those of you who don't know about the Hollertronix series, it began with Diplo and a few folks from Low B. It showed DJs that it was possible to bring Hip-Hop, Indie and a variety of different sounds into a club. It is also one of the reasons the music world was introduced to the Bmore sound. Once again the bleepy horns and catchy vocals make this track a banger. Buy it here!

Jason Sundstrom - Revolution (Trumpet Dub)

Before coming across this guy's EP on KidCity, his name was completely unknown to me. Seriously go check all his other songs, they are bangin!

Bongo Starr - Saxofonia (Riva Starr Club Mix)

Ahhh and now into the new shit. You won't find these songs hanging around Hypem. This ain't the first time I feature Riva Starr on the blog, but I particularly enjoy this one. Gotta say it kind of reminds me of his song Trompe D'Amour only in a more clubby style, kinda like something Bingo Players would do. Buy it here!

Kid Kaio - Sax Tape (Too Saxy)

And now for "la pièce de résistance". This is the "ne plus ultra" of horny electro... ehh let me rephrase that, electro music using horn sounds. In this case, the horn sound is saxophone and it is simply brilliant. This song has evolved from its predecessors and is no longer a simple horn hook. The amazing sax sound undergoes a series of transformations which, you guessed it, gets exponentially better as the song progresses. I first came across this track on Brodinski's Mystery Mix, then again on another of Neoteric's awesome projects called Turned On: Vol 1. Good timing, it was recently released and you can go buy the whole thing. I highly encourage you to do this here!

If I were to make a horny beat it would go something like this


That is all.


  1. Check this out, a classic:

    The Deep Feat. Fred Melosax - Dom Dom Jump (Sax Mix)

  2. niiiice! thanks for sharing anon.

  3. this is soo funny, not too long ago when I was preparing my itunes for a set I made several playlists calld horny house! and I love it! long live horny-ism