humid after all

First day of the year that it reaches over 30 degrees celcius. Wasn't supposed to post, but figured I'd lace you with a little something extra.

Capone N Noreaga- Bloody Money

New York get the bloody money, dirty cash. I've always loved this song, off of their debut album The War Report. The grimy, minimal production, with the understated yet haunting piano loop, allows the rhymes to shine. They spit about the intricacies of the dope game, and their menacing boasts sugarcoat this late nineties New York classic.

Fantan Mojah- Hail the King

Rasta Motivation 101. A mystical feel-good anthem.

Addison Groove- Dumb Shit (Uncle Jesse's Dumb as Shit Edit)

Addison Groove is takin the blog world (fuck the term "blogosphere") by storm with its incredibly strange anthem "Footcrab", which has a range of influences. There is a wave of new dubstep that is growing in popularity, one that doesn't even really sound like traditional dubstep. No wobbles, more emphasis on dark atmospheric sounds and samples. Dubstep is no longer the world of smelly dreadlocked stoners, instead, it seems that it has allowed itself to progress and assimilate other genres, the most recent being Juke.

Juke is a regional sound, born out of Chicago, which if I'm correct is influenced by Chicago House, and has taken a bit from Baltimore club as well. Minimal production, usually just a kick and a snare, with an 808 tom sounds thrown in for good measure, and repetitive vocal samples all characterize this genre. This is a remix by Baltimore's own Uncle Jesse, a great duo making really dope club music. Baltimore Club is no longer a popular genre of music in hipster circles, but there are devout producers still making amazing and innovative club music, regardless of its popularity outside of their cities. The Brick Bandits are the dons of that shit, and Uncle Jesse are another who show great promise. This remix might not please all of you, but listen to it on a good system and open your minds. Uncle Jesse are el dope, pay attention.

Uncle Jesse Myspace

Shawnna ft Twista & Ludacris- R.P.M

This instrumental has always fucked with my buzz. There's too much going on, too many crazy buzzing alarm noises, people rapping way too quickly and way too many pounding drum sounds. Good song, all things considered.

Bynie & Calibaba get back from New York tomorrow, so they'll probably throw something your way. If not, I'm sure that I can manage.




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