Hit that la la la

MAAAAAAAAN what's good today fools? I couldn't ask for a sunnier, warmer, more awesome day.

To start this post off I'll drop a relatively old mixtape from Khal. It's hella proper, good reggae / hip hop vibes that fit so well with April 20th.

Khal - Twenty After Four

If you've chilled with any of us lately (my crew is better than your's type shit) then you heard this clip for sure. Jordan Peele from Mad TV doing a pretty chill rap.

Aaaahhhh naah nah na na na don't tell Montel hit that laaa la la la

So in order to give you some songs to complement the festivities I decided to purchase 2 songs from iTunes. SAY WHAT!?

Seems like a repost, but don't blame my memory. For you people who don't get it yet, Izza Kizza is a cigarette.

Izza Kizza - Ooh La La

Izza Kizza - Ooh La La (Koolade Remix)

I'm breaking my balls for you guys so you better recognize. Seriously, our hosting doesn't take m4a files so I have to find a decent converter which won't add a fag shoutout in the song. After all this hassle, I realized the remix by Koolade is pretty much the exact same shit as the original. So fuck you iTunes music store and fuck you copyright infringement. Bring it.

Ok I'm getting cranky now. Not sure what the hell I'm still doing indoors. I think I better go get some "fresh air". You know that "breeze" we all love so much.

Peace, I'm out.


  1. This big.... thing.... could kill many. Or has already killed many! :o
    I think we can still notice the aftereffects on STL bums

  2. AHAHHAHA. Best picture ever, man.

    Still have nightmares about that night

  3. wow that Montel Chilliams song is sick!! Thanks for posting!