heavy eyelids

a little soundtrack for a quiet Sunday evening. A break from our hectic, debauchery-filled schedule and usual subject matter. A little something to relax and vibe to. Old and new tunes weaving into each other.

B.O.B - Lovelier Than You

He's enjoyed a well-deserved surge in popularity recently. Bobby Ray is a breath of fresh air for hip-hop, and anything I say is just rehashing what other blogs and magazines have mentioned before. He has the swagger, the songwriting ability and the talent of a modern day Andre 3000, and will probably blow the fuck up pretty soon, if there is any justice in this world. This is a soft ballad, quite unlike his usual shit, but that just shows his versatility, in my opinion. Dope stuff.

Eek-A-Mouse- Bitty Bong Bong (Ganja Smuggling)

Early early, Sunday morning, it was a big ganja smuggling. A classic reggae tune to add to your collection.

The Cowsills- Hair

1969 counter-culture anthem. Say what?

Malajube- Pâte Filo (Fissure)

For the long-time readers of the blog (and most Montrealers), the name Malajube should seem pretty familiar. They are an awesome francophone quartet out of Montreal, who've released two fantastic albums that I recommend, even if you don't speak french. Give it a listen, I'm pretty sure you'll love it. Indie rock at its best.

Lunice- Perpetual Leisure

Local boy Lunice, one of the few Montrealers chosen to be in the recently finished Red Bull Music Academy, is a rising star. He's part of the LuckyMe fam (Hudson Mohawke's label) and part of the Turbo Crunk crew (I'm pretty sure I've seen him DJ before). The dude is like a futuristic instrumental hip-hop/bass music prodigy. His beats are spacey sonic odysseys, the sonic equivalent of hot-boxing a spaceship. I've included a link to his myspace, because you know I love supporting that local talent. Ya diggg.

DJ Static- Mr Fantastic

Probably the only time you'll ever catch us posting breakbeats on this blog. I am not a b-boy, nor do I enjoy backpacker stuff like Cal, but this song is fuckin' grooooovy.

We'll get back to the usual content tomorrow.

'Evening, all.



  1. Perpetual Leisure by Lunice is an exclusive track available as part of the free Oscillations compilation: http://juslikemusicrecords.bandcamp.com/