bra straps and smokin' gats

As I'm sure you've all noticed, we've buckled down and bought a new domain. www.avengethevirgins.net is now up and running, so update your bookmarks, 'cause shit is definitely about to get serious. We've also set up a twitter account, www.twitter.com/atvirginsmtl, which is updated daily. Check it out, we'll be dropping goodies pretty regularly. Videos, pictures, etc. Just another way to keep your daily portions of Avenge The Virgins at a healthy level. (Also, you get two posts tonight. The amount of flavor we provide is practically blasphemous.)

And now, for the main feature presentation... [drum roll]

Deadrat6- Very Exactly

Ok, so it's really generic trance. That name is pure genius though. Deadmau5 is a prick anyways, from what I've heard, so the more parodies/disses, the better.

Highbloo- 50cl

Highbloo is a 19 year old Belgian producer, a talented-as-fuck purveyor of trippy, bleepy percussive tech house. I think one of Brodinski's monthly charts probably tipped me on to him, and I've been digging his output ever since. There are a lot of young talented producers making some really experimental, daring and fucked up music out of France and Belgium these days. Must be something in the water.

oOoOO- Hearts

San Francisco sure knows how to spawn weird psychedelic music. oOoOO are mysterious as hell, weaving sparse, hollow sounds into an unsettling sonic landscape. I read an interview they did in Vice Magazine that featured a quote that said that oOoOO sounds like something a serial killer would listen to speeding through the fog across the Golden Gate bridge, after committing a murder. Pretty fucking apt, I would say. Fantastic stuff.

Breakage ft Burial- Vial

See, this is what dubstep is supposed to fucking sound like. Admittedly, I was first introduced to the world of dubstep after listening to Burial's second CLASSIC album Untrue. I thought dubstep was supposed to be music that sounds like a city, to put it crudely. Sounds that evoke images of grimy industrial districts, with warehouses and smoking chimneys. Isn't dubstep supposed to sound like the ringing in your ears after driving back home from a rave in the morning? What's with all the bleepy bloopy bullshit? Wobble wobble fuck off.(I'm hating, but I love this shit. Raw, dirty, pounding sub-bass is fucking ace.)

Kidz in the Hall- Flickin' (Nick Catchdubs x Proper Villains remix)

Catchdeezi and Proper Villains. Their remix of the Cataracts' "Club Love" was major, and so is this. This shit oozes steez.

Afrojack- Bangduck

Yes, it sounds almost exactly like Boris Dlugosch's Bangkok. . It's intentional. Some say it's a diss, some say a tribute. Either way, Afrojack has just dropped one of the biggest bangers of the year, and has had his sound jacked by just about everyone in the past year. Those high-pitched rave stabs are getting to my head. Call a fucking doctor, already.

Rusko- Da Cali Anthem

Finally out. Cheaaaaaaaaaaaah.


I've also included Rusko's new video for Woo Boost. He is the most popular (and divisive) figure in dubstep, and is working with big pop stars like Rihanna now. He seems like an awesome dude, and I would've loved to see him at Igloofest (If it wasn't minus 40 degrees at the time). His music is either really good or unbearably cheesy and horrible, but I dig his drive. (Plus, keytar, Max Headroom swagger-jacking and weird mohawks! what's not to like?)

Summer is in the air. Terrasses, sundresses, shows and bombing. Can't wait.



  1. yeaa highbloo - my sitar!!!

    catchdubs x villains remix of flickin' is that kind of ish i really dig...

    rusko is sick, subskrpt remix of woo boost is best, have you heard douster's?

  2. wobble wobble blurp blurp blurp wobble blurp

  3. Rusko @ Itunes: http://bit.ly/9YbthC

  4. Thanks for the link. Rusko should definitely be supported.

    Really love the blog, by the way. Shifty Rhythms has been in my bookmarks for quite some time.

  5. Peep this my fellow bloggers,
    The Dutchmaster himself Afrojack,
    accompanied by the legendary Daftness
    Daft Punk-Harder Better Faster Stronger VS Afrojack-Bangduck