Get outta here & get me some $ too

Who wants another story? I'm sure all of you do and your now intent on actually reading this marvelous post instead of just downloading our awesome music. Enough boasting, let's get this one going.

Last Friday, March 12 to be exact, Avenge the Virgins and a few of our friends decided to hit up the Blog Wars. First off, we need to thank Duke of Swabia for hookin' us up with a guestlist, As Heard From Mars for taking into consideration my request and dropping "Pon De Foley", and finally 4MTL for getting the crowd moving with their brilliant choice of songs and taking home the win.

Harvard Bass was first on stage, and although the crowd was less wild than at his last show in December he still delivered some quality songs like
Round Table Knights vs Bauchamp - Calypso
and even played his remix of Felix Cartal's "World Class Driver"!

Avenge the Virgins was there and has some fabulous clips to share.

L.A.'s Classixx followed up and gave us a wonderful set full of funky-disco-indie songs which got me stoked beyond belief that summer is right around the corner. Take this song for instance, it's now my new summer anthem!
Mylo - Otto's Journey

AtV offers you a taste of Classixx

Had no idea what Drop the Lime was going to be doing for his part since I never saw a live set of his. Let's just say it was one of my favorite sets ever. This mofo sings over the songs he's playing, good start. Every song he plays seems to be the most incredible thing he has ever heard, seriously I had never seen a DJ so siked about the music he's playing. To top that off, he went from some banging electro,
Fabio Lendrum - Trouble (Drop The Lime Remix)
into some sweet dubstep,
The Boogaloo Crew - Days Go By
and finished up his set with some nice 60s groove.

Woah! This was such a good show!

Now things get interesting, the next day my friend asks me about some groovy, 60s sounding song with a woman singing from the end of Harvard Bass' set. At first I thought he was mistaking Harvard Bass with Drop the Lime, but he assured me it was him. Naturally I had to check this out, so I headed to my trusty Internet to start searching for it. About 5 minutes into my search, I got bored and went to get my fix of Facebook. BAM! on the home page, a clip of the show was uploaded by a friend. Gets better, it was Harvard Bass. Even better, it sounded exactly like the song I was looking for. From better to best and the track is already IDed. GOD I LOVE YOU INTERNET! So a quick google search gave me a nice download link.
Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You (Original Mix)
Think the story is done? It ain't. My friend is pleased, but wants so much more: which song is the voice being sampled from?

Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You (Radio Edit)

After reading the amazing youtube information, I came across the name of Peggy Lee, singer from the 60s. Keep googleing and up comes the song,

Benny Goodman & Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right

I also came across a remake of this song.
Lil Green - Weedsmokers dream
Old school huh?

Well that's pretty much the whole story behind how I hunt down music yadig? Since there can always be more, be sure to click THIS! for a few extra goodies ;)


  1. don't miss the bingo players remix in the goodies, also I wouldve done Peggy Lee if I had lived 60 years ago.

  2. Oh my lord. Boss status, Bynette. I must applaud this shit.

  3. Imma spin that tonight

  4. Avenge the virgins is not dead! and killing it as usual

  5. Quality post right thurr

    Whats the track in the first Harvard Bass vid though? Sounds like some Swedish House Mafia ...

  6. nice post

  7. days go by is now a download. mofos.