Back to Basics Pt. 1

Let's all hope that this concept will appear more often than the last one I did. I know most of you enjoy that good old hip hop, and I also know that not many of you actually have the good old hip hop.

X-Raided - Macaframalama
Macaframalama: someone who has mastered the art of communication, see also "to mac a bitch".

Memphis Bleek - I Get High
We sure do

Lupe Fiasco - Dumb It Down
Big hard bassline, I likey. Lupe talks about the industry's insistence on the same old themes.

Smiff 'N' Wessun - Bucktown (Remix)
Just woah! Some of us lucky mofos got to see them in show with Black Moon during a night of epicness. Let's all thank Cal once more for this!

Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth
Seriously what is there to say here, this duo from Queens are legends. If you don't have this song yet, be sure to add it to your collection.

And so ends the first Back to Basics. You can rest assured that when I can't find a decent idea for an electro post, I'll keep dropping this type of ish.



  1. im hesitating between the girl or the music

  2. this is a good list... u got some good biggie mixes?