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Shit is happening right now at avengethevirgins, were having some legal problems and some domain name fuckups but hey well keep posting and hopefully the stupid domain name will be up again soon.
Today's post is on "Foreign Beggars" critically acclaimed British hip hop and Grime group based in London. The group consists of MCs Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis, DagNabbit and DJ Nonames. Im puttin' up the 3 songs from the Contact 12" EP featuring Noisia. You'll see, their beats hit hard. They're still Brits yaknow but i digg this EP.

1.Foreign Beggars - Shake It
2.Foreign Beggars - Contact
3. This remix rips the skin off your face, true story
Foreign Beggars - Contact (D&B remix)


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  1. thats what i call bangers and mash