Best of year lists? Favorite songs? Best live sets? Uh, why not. Normally I resist this kind of thing, and since most of you are going to skip this post, I might as well indulge.

Favorite song of the year: Probably Jacques Greene- Another Girl. It's definitely the one I've played the most often.

Best DJ set of the year: God, 2011 is kind of a blur. From what I can remember, there were two particularly memorable events for me. Salva, Shlohmo, LOL Boys & Azamat B at Blue Dog was on some next-level debauchery, and Round Table Knights at Igloofest was pretty swell, too. I'm sure I missed tons of other ones, but I was hitting the sauce pretttttty hard this year. Also, I worked way too much, so I missed tons of things I would have loved to hit, like Araabmuzik, Mutek and Canblaster. Oh well, 2012 is mine.

Best Live show of the year: Bon Iver at Metropolis, hands down.

Best new artist/album of the year: The Weeknd, and his Trilogy (House of Balloons, Thursday & Echoes of Silence). A definite game changer.

Producer to watch in 2012: Clams Casino. As Lex Luger was to 2011, Clams Casino will be to 2012. The blueprint is changing, folks.

Yeah, it's a pretty shitty list. I'm getting mentally ready for the post-apocalyptic destruction of my synapses this evening, and also at work, so you'll have to forgive me.

Oh, and by the way, ATV version 2 is just about ready. ;)

Happy New Year, you glorious bastards.


Did you really think we'd let you go without posting one last song?

This one has already been posted by yours truly, albeit 2 years ago. It is a perennial favorite of mine, and one of the greatest house songs ever.

We in Brooklyn, baby. This is how we get down.

Loco Dice- Pimp Jackson is Talking Now

Love y'all.


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