2011 Last Mixtape: Mackpaye for WATM

Capping off the year in style, our big homie Mackpaye from France presents to you one of the finest techno/house mixes in recent memory.

Flawlessly mixing some of the year's tightest selections in the darker side of techno and house, this young producer takes us on an epic trip. Both rabidly heavy and insanely danceable, his mix for French magazine WeAreTheMascotte deserves all of your love. This is a mix that you can drop at a party, on the ipod, in the car, and it will still elicit the same feverish reaction. Mackpaye, as we have been saying for an ungodly amount of time, is one of the finest young selectors on the rise. Production-wise and mixing-wise, he is a serious force to contend with.

You need to play this, download it, and spread it amongst your friends. You won't regret you did.

So long, 2011. It's been an interesting ride. Too much work, not enough partying. 2012's looking mighty sexy, though.

Let's get it.


2011 Last Mixtape: mixed by Mackpaye for WeAreTheMascotte

1 - John Digweed & Nick Muir - 30 Northeast [Bedrock Records]
2 - Baba Black - All Black [Palms Out Sounds]
3 - SCNTST - Globus [BNR]
4 - Def Rock - Attack [CDR]
5 - Hey Today! - Minor (TWR72 Remix) [Kitsuné]
6 - La Fuente - Bang Bang [Mixmash Records]
7 - Attaque - Moderate [Badlife]
8 - Fareoh - Ipren [CDR]
9 - Nero - Crush On You (Brodinski Remix) [MTA Records]
10 - The Loops Of Fury - I Need [U&A Recordings]
11 - Dj Triplex - Scream [CDR]
12 - TWR72 - Summer Of 91 [CDR]
13 - Grown Folk - U Know The Time [CDR]
14 - Carte Blanche - Jack On The Moon ♥ ∞ M

Mackpaye soundcloud
Mackpaye facebook
We Are the Mascotte


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