ride or die

Ironing out the kinks in this here blog. Winter is coming, which means that I'll have a lot more time to devote to actual features, instead of our practice of dropping clusters of songs, which seems to be our raison d'ĂȘtre these days.

In the meantime, more of the status quo. You know you love it.

Glass Figure- Rough Trax

Top quality Parisian house music. 303 vibes for the whole family.

Mazzy Star- Fade into You

Ah, of course. Vaguely depressing music, just in time for the first snowfall. For all of my constant praise of Montreal, my dislike of our winters runs deep.

Azealia Banks ft 77Klash- P-U-S-S-Y (Machinedrum remix)

A stellar meeting of some of New York's finest young talent. Azealia brings a heavy dose of her signature gattling gun glamour, 77klash peppers in a bit of his dancehall chatting and Machinedrum mixes it all together with his smooth futuresex vibes. All in all, a fanstastic

Young L & Soulja Boy- All Gold Everything

Regal swag.




  1. Nobody likes blogging in the summer. Keep up the posts, AtV.