We here at Avenge The Virgins like to keep it oh so classy. Please enjoy this evening's offering, a nice little tribute to the finer things in life. Scattered, weird and awesome.

I've got a dope feature on West Coast beatsmiths Me Gusta coming up, a brand new exclusive tune from the mighty Subvader, and a site redesign that is almost done. Times are a' changing.

Spank Rock- Put that pussy on me (Gloze remix)

Gloze is a Montreal producer who sent us a few of his remixes last week. He has a penchant for ethereal hip-hop beats and hazy electronica. While most of the tunes are really tight, this one fit today's theme the best. Nice little take on one of my favorite tunes.

DJ MikeQ- nuCunt

Ballroom as a scene is starting to get a lot more notice, and I couldn't be happier. Our first Avenge The Virgins mix, mixed by Azamat B, had an extremely heavy ballroom/vogue influence, and I'm definitely a fan of anything remotely ballroom-minded. This particular one, premiered by The Fader, is off of MikeQ's debut on Fade to Mind, Kingdom's new label. nuCunt is a next level sexed-up banger of a tune.

DJ Fresh & DJ Jay Hood- Ass Ass

Weirdly enough, the start of my obsession with electronic music was during the start of the Baltimore Club & Baile Funk wave 6-7 years ago. I therefore have a huge weakness for raunchy repetitive club music with a lot of bass. This one is serioussssss.

much love, amigos.


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