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Good evening folks. A little bit of this and that on today's menu.

First off, great track by a guy named XV, rapper from Wichita, Kansas. Young dude on the come up providing a funky flow & great rhythm. Peep it


CAUTION: The following 3 songs are "Wu-Tang related":

Bronze Nazareth, Wu-Tang affiliated, is a producer & emcee still going strong with a raw Wu sound. This track is off his most recent album named "School for the Blindman", make sure to give it a spin if you dig what you're hearing.

Bronze Nazareth - Fourth Down (feat. Salute Da Kidd, Kevlaar 7 & Phillie of Wisemen)

The following beat is from the well-received "Enter The Magical Mystery Chamber" mixtape featuring mashup productions of The Beatles & Wu-Tang. Executed by a young fellow named Tom Caruana, the result is quite interesting. I've been bumping this one song in particular during the past week. Daytona 500 baby

Wu-Tang & The Beatles - Daytona 500

Last but not least, a collabo between GZA and Jedi Mind Tricks. JMT are always on point with their classy instrumentals and this one is another to add to your favorites. Mixed by Meldrick Taylor, I'm sure you'll have this one on repeat.

Jedi Mind Tricks & GZA - On The Eve Of War (Meldrick Taylor Mix)

This is it for me.
If you enjoyed or hated the music, don't be afraid to share your thoughts. We always appreciate your feedback.



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