Homan- Everything

We've just received this in our inbox today from Jordan, one half of the amazing Parisian duo STSQ.

Today, we introduce you to Homan, his solo side-project and will hopefully have a lot more of his productions to share with you in the coming months.

Everything is an extremely solid debut original production, which should come as no big fucking surprise, given that STSQ's output has always been very good, although we haven't heard enough of it. Today's featured song is an instantly memorable house tune with an injection of garage right into the jugular. It features epic key stabs and frantic percussion, and is heavy enough to warrant inclusion in any peak hour house set. The seductive, pitched vocal sample and the rolling bass is what gets to me, though. Good lord, what a tune.

Everything by Homan

Homan also remixed Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team's Bassface. It is has a more atmospheric vibe than his other song, but it is still quite tight. Hope you dig it!

Bassface (Homan remix) by Homan

If you dig the remix, show some support and vote for it on Burn Studios!

STSQ has been supportive of Avenge The Virgins, so I will definitely extend them the same courtesy. It definitely helps that their music is boss as hell though!

Homan Soundcloud
Homan Twitter

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