Part 1 : The Man, The Artist, The Legend

It's been just a little over a week since A-Trak played at Theatre Telus. There's one thing that I've learned from past experiences: Alain Macklovitch never disappoints his hometown.

Having grabbed the 1997 DMC award at 15 years of age, A-Trak has undoubtedly come a long way since. From starting up the great Fool's Gold label with pal Nick Catchdubs, to being Kanye's Tour DJ, A-Treezy influence is obvious in today's underground music scene. His turntablist skills and great ear for beats have earned him accolades as one of the best party djs on the entire planet. Any crowd that he plays to leaves the venue in utter amazement. I've seen him 3 times so far, and he always, ALWAYS brings the heat.

Part 2 : The Show 

Dipset - Salute
When your DJ can drop some Dipset near the end of his set and keep the crowd pumped, you know it's on! In my opinion, you know you're seeing one of the world's top DJs when his set goes from some of the biggest electro hits of the moment, to his grandiose take on house music with Duck Sauce, into his dope hip hop selection and the partying never stops.

This video will hopefully show you the full extent of his talent. From the well known Robot Rock beat juggling to his hip hop skills. This clip was posted up on his blog as well as Fool's Gold's blog, farewell Fat Beats.

Daft Punk - Robot Rock
Golden oldie for the electro world. Probably one of the most well known parts of his set along with his hip hop mashups.  Just goes to show that newer isn't always better. Kind of a no brainer when you have A-Trak beat jugglin' this track back to the future.

Riton - Banana Boat Song X Pon De Floor
I had no idea this mashup existed before the show. Guess I just got tired of looking for new remixes of Pon De Floor. Nevertheless, this song will always be a crowd pleaser so originality does count if you decide to go for it. Right Mr. Tally Man?

Just for the steez check out more onstage HD videos here!

Part 3 : The Music

A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision
Ah! Yes, it's all over the blogosphere. A-Trak spent a few years touring with Kanye West and it's a pleasure to see him getting on those hip hop vibes again. This time around he gets on the beat for rising star CyHi Da Prynce. Seems like the shades fade is back and with some futuristic synths and a hard bassline, it's rightfully so. Part of Fool's Gold Vol. 1 compilation out in a few days!

A-Trak -  Trizzy Turnt Up
You ever wonder what happens when a decent producer gets on that New Boyz "Jerking" swag or that Soulja Boy b.s.? Well just press play kiddos. Off of Dirty South Dance 2, free album... What more do you want?

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Matt Sayers Beebs Bootleg)
Simply because we've posted that J Beebz song slowed 800x in the past, regrettably. Funny, and somehow tragic, yet it happens to be one of my favorite remixes of the song along with the Afrojack ones. No matter, the original surpasses everything else by far. Support A-Trak & Arman Van Helden by purchasing the quack here!

Oh, and in case you hadn't seen it...The classic video of his set at the amazing L-A party The Do-Over. Green shirt, oh que oui. Hallelujah, A-Trak.


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