Laid Back Sunday #6

And another one...

Beautiful day here in Montreal, sun is out and my girl is SMOKIN' ! Once again delivering some "off the radar" goodies. As you probably get to know my posts ; I don't necessarily share the latest stuff. I post the music that I love but also try to find the music that you've never heard before. That's probably the hiphop "diggin' the crates" phenomenon that's been stuck in my head for years. Always on the look out for that good beat.

Jhi Ali - Alabama (Feat. Cooley Da Dude & Big P.O.P.E
A couple months ago, my dear colleague MDMAwesome introduced you to the PRR/PRG(Paper Route Records/Gangstaz). The song he shared with you guys was off a legendary mixtape that was produced at the time by Diplo and Benzi. All the tracks are pure fire, Ive been bumpin' this shit for quite some time and still not tired of hearing these songs. DOPE

CunninLynguists - Caved In feat. Cee-Lo Green
Here I am once again posting a CunninLynguists track. I could possibly not imagine how someone could hate on this group ; they are way too good. Kno is one of the best hiphop producers there is out there, always been producing the freshest beats for them. Actually, you should definitely check-out his album Death Is Silent. Song here is featuring Cee-Lo and is off "A Piece Of Strange" album. This track will evacuate the stress out of your body in no time. Guaranteed.

Trick Daddy feat. Cee-Lo & Ludacris - Sugar (Justus A + B by Luminfire)

Last off ; my sugaaaaar baby. Remix/Mashup (AAAAAAAHHHH Shit, I've said the M word) done by the guys at Ants in my Trance. No description needed, its the beeezzneezz. Fits the Sunday mood perfectly.

In the mean time, get your groove on people. Shake that ass

See you next time sombreros mustachios


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