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Mike Posner- Cooler than me (Gigamesh Remix final version)

This song has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity since the video came out a month ago. Posner is the great white hope, a more versatile & r'n'b oriented Asher Roth, as it were. This is/will be the college frat house party anthem par excellence, as soon as they get tired of hearing Crookers' remix of Day N Nite. Sigh.

All jokes aside, this is a great remix by 1/3 of electro outfit Discotech, the talented Gigamesh. He leaves in the sing-a-long parts for the kids, and goes in with the synth lines, but still keeps the original melody intact. Really pop-oriented fare, but I can see why everyone likes this so much. If I could write you a song to make you fall in love...

Angus & Julia Stone- Jewels & Gold

I got their album Down the Way before heading to Vietnam, and it was the perfect soundtrack to go along with the stunning beaches and serene landscapes. This one, however, is off of their debut album A Book Like This, which I still haven't had the pleasure of listening to yet. If this song is any indication, then it should be great. These two very talented Australian siblings make really calm, earnest and melodic indie pop, usually only showcasing an acoustic guitar or a harmonica. The harmonious mix of their voices is what really makes this music great, however. Understated beauty.

Jah Cure- To Your Arms of Love [now on mediafire]

Jah Cure was the shining star of one-drop reggae ballads about five years ago. He released many popular songs, but then got locked up for (alleged) rape in a botched case. The songs that he wrote in prison were amazing, classic tunes that focus on regret, despair and love. (Longing For & Reflection were the two most popular). He's most recognized for his distinctive voice, a raspy half-scream that bleeds emotion. He got released in 2009, and while his recent output is decent, it doesn't come close to the magnificent ballads and anthems released during the part of his life spent behind bars.

Shyne- Commission

I've got a big artist profile on Shyne coming up, so I'll keep this short. Shyne Po was one of the hardest, most gangster and most lyrical rappers of the past ten years. He is constantly overlooked when referring to great New York lyricists, even though the limited amount of music he released demonstrates gargantuan amounts of talent and deft wordplay. Even though The Clipse get all of the props for being coke-rap's lyrical maestros, Shyne was the trailblazer, the o.g.

They say money ain't everything
You fuckin' right n****
it's the only thing
In God we trust, the holy thing
I look into my enemies' eyes
Let em know
You play fly, you go out Kennedy-style

Sia- Breathe Me

If you've ever watched the entirety of HBO's Six Feet Under (the best televsion drama ever, in my opinion), this song is probably permanently etched in your mind. One of the most haunting songs of longing ever, and probably one of my favorite songs.


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  1. the gigamesh remix has been in my favorites for some time now! shyne is also gangsta as fuck. good post all in all, great to have your back man.

  2. breathe me... a decidedly creepy song.
    freaking me out in perpetuity.