gone fishin'

Well my summer is about half over today. Sad. Still June is only ending and I have 2 months left! On this more positive note, I guess it's the ideal time to share some music with you all.

Well I finally got my hands on this little gem. Until Duck Sauce releases "Barbara Streisand" this song is hands down my summer anthem. Enjoy summer people, I'm sure we'll all be fine. [REMOVED BY REQUEST]

John Roman - Ready For This (We Got Milk Remix)
I hadn't mentioned that John Roman was doing a remix contest in the last post I did.
Oh well.

The results are in and "We Got Milk" deserve the victory. I checked out a few other remixes, but nothing compares to theirs. The synth work is brilliant, John mentioned it sounded like BeatauCue and I couldn't agree more. The use of samples is excellent and the song flows to perfection. Don't even get me started on the breakdown... wow!
Check out the full list of entries and reviews here

Estelle Ft. Kardinal Official - Freak (Kid Kaio)
Freaks and bleeps is all i have to say.

Peace out


  1. refering to sunskrpts "wel'' be fine", artist yU also released a song "fine" which features the same hook. which came first?

  2. yU's Fine came first. i find this version better and less choppy. still yU and the rest of Diamond District (Oddisee and XO) are some really talented producers.

  3. where can i get a copy of Estelle Ft. Kardinal Official - Freak (Kid Kaio)?
    please email me djvincentsmaldone@gmail.com


  4. been looking for subskrpt & found my way here... i see u also have another of my favorite new tracks, that kid kaio! excellent selections :)

  5. Why would you offer Subskrpt's We'll be fine for free download if you told people to support Subskrpt by buying it in a previous post? Seems kinda counter-productive, but whatever.

    Keep up the good work on the blog!

  6. haha yea i understand your point. thing is the song wasn't available for download at that time. Still, I try to encourage our readers to go buy music and support artists when possible.