runnin' down that 8 mile road.

Hesitated for a few days before doing a somewhat commercial post. We try to keep it as fresh and unheard of as possible. Fuck it. Over and above all I want to post music that I've been enjoying as of late.

Off the controversial Marshall Mathers LP. Even the explicit version of the album is censored to some extent... damn. Ode to drugs or critizing how our generation is abusing of them. I'll let you all decide on your own.

Eminem - Drug Ballad

And I'm so high that I might die if I go by it
Let me out of this place
I'm outta place
I'm in outer space
I've just vanished without a trace

But in the long run

These drugs are probably going to catch up sooner or later
But fuck it, I'm on one
So let's enjoy
Let the X destroy your spinal cord

It's your life

Live it however you wanna
Marijuana is everywhere
Where was you brought up?

Single that dropped not too long before the release of Relapse. Great song, dark and demented, really made me anticipate Relapse, but was more or less disappointed when I finally heard it. Still, I probably enjoyed that CD way more than most other people I've talked to and its without any doubt better than Recovery.

Eminem - I'm Having A Relapse

Well, to be honest, the smell of these chronic leaves make me hella demonic,
they compelled me to kill this elderly man
And I get these panic attacks, pop a Xanax, relax
trying to stick my fuckin' dick inside a mannequin's ass

It seems like every day I get a little flakier,

the medication is making my hands a little shakier
Hand me that 18 month old baby to shake him up
It'll only take me a second to choke his trachea
Breaking his neck in 80 some places

Off the 8 Mile Soundtrack. Insane song, no chorus, just 3 minutes of raw verses. To be honest, this is the second Eminem song that I know from beginning to end.

Eminem - Run Rabbit Run

You need peace of mind, here's a piece of mine,
All I need's a line but sometimes,
I don't always find the words ta rhyme,
To express how I'm really feelin' at that time,

I'm a switch hitter bitch, Jimmy Smith ain’t a quitter,

I'm a sit here 'til I get enough,
For me to finally hit a fuckin' boilin' point,
Put some oil on ya joints,
Flip the coin, bitch, come get destroyed

I'll be back baby, I just got to beat this clock,

Fuck this clock, I'ma make 'em eat this watch,
Don't believe me watch, I'ma win this race,
and I'ma come back and rub my shit in ya face,

Appearing on his 5th studio album, Encore, I probably wouldn't even mention this song if it wasn't for a crazy friend of mine. For once, I simply can't keep up with the incredibly fast paced rapping while trying to sing this song. Nor do I even have the third of the breath needed to spit the song like he does. Guess that's why I'm so impressed by it.

Eminem - Crazy In Love

You're the ink to my paper
What my pen is to my pad
The moral, the very fiber
The whole substance of my rap.
You are my reason for being
The meaning of my existence
If it wasn't for you
I would never be able to spit this
As intense I do and the irony
Is you rely on me as much
as I rely on you to inspire me like you do.

Not sure how I ever ended up with this on my computer. Let's do this anyways, Eminem's "Hellbound" thrown over Zelda. Can't go wrong... Masta Ace does the third verse to this song.

Eminem - Zelda Rap Mix

I'm so bananas I'm showin up to your open casket
to fill it full of explosive gasses
and close it back with a lit match in it
while I sit back and just hope it catches
Blow you to fragments
Laugh roll you and smoke the ashes

As always, the more music the merrier. Some friends will remember the first song, short N sweet. As for the second, well the uncensored version of Kim ain't that easy to lay your hands on. So violent it has made me put on my wife beater.

Eminem - Fubba Cubba
Eminem - Kim (Uncensored)

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  1. It's actually soul calibur, not zelda.