Aight I'ma keep that white guy rap pumpin'. After doing Shady, Rittz is in the spotlight today. Reppin' north side ATL with more red hair than I'd know what to do with, he raps like his life might end the moment he stops. After hearing this guy spit obscenely long verses in less than 15 seconds, I gotta wonder who said gingers have no soul. Come to think of it, selling his soul to the devil could account for his fiery hair and incredible talent.

First props to The FADER for recognizing this dude's talent on Yelawolf's Trunk Muzik mixtape. Although Rittz has been rapping since the 90s, "Box Chevy Pt. 3" is probably the song that made heads turn in his direction for the first time. In the song "Aftermornin" he blesses himself as "White Jesus", also the name of his upcoming mixtape

Yelawolf Ft. Rittz - Box Chevy Pt. 3

Rittz - Aftermornin

Second props to BLVDST for pushing this guy's music. They got a nice little interview with him as well as the first song to leak off his "White Jesus" mixtape.

BLVDST| RITTZ Live in East Atlanta from Blvd St on Vimeo.

Rittz - Rattle Back

Rittz - My Time Is Now

This guy is like the white one man version of Bone Thugs yadig?

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  1. damn rittz is fuckin sick!! can wait to hear sum more good muzik from him..