Under the Bridge

The LOL Boys feature got taken down, but will be back up by the end of the week, don't you worry. For now, enjoy a little trip down memory lane. Feelin' rather nostalgic these days.

T.I ft Pharell Williams- What's Yo Name

Before T.I. made it big, his Southern drawl was a lot more apparent, especially in tracks like Dope Boyz and this one, off of his first album, I'm Serious. Talk as much shit as you want, but early T.I.P is fuckin' classic in my books. His rhyming and swagger was unfuckwithable back when he was rappin' like he was hungry. This song features classic Neptunes production and a vocal assist from the great Pharell Williams, which compliments T.I's smooth pimp rhymes perfectly.

DJ Mouse- Amantes de la Waracha (Original mix)

Post-apocalyptic tribal guarachero, baby. Tribal Guarachero is a genre of music that is a melting pot of reggaeton, cumbia, electro, trance, salsa and house, all hammered into a young South American abomination made on old versions of Fruity Loops, and is played in underground raves with children toting AK-47 and sniffing glue. I love these obscure regional sounds.

Khia- My Neck, My Back (Shlohmo remix)

Shlohmo is a young producer out of L.A who makes music much in the vein of FlyLo, HudMo et al. It's just fantastically weird downtempo instrumental hiphop for stoners, to describe it as accurately as possible. He transforms Khia's nasty ode to oral sex into a stuttering glitch-bass track. Great stuff.

Hot Dollar ft Shawty Redd- Get Naked

I mean, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Get Naked. Vibe music for days.

Adele- Hometown Glory

I don't care if this is overplayed or overblogged or overdone. If Adele's voice doesn't give you chills, you have no soul. She writes beautiful and haunting melodies and lyrics, and this song is a bloody classic. Remember, songs that get popular aren't always byproducts of record labels and PR. Sometimes, the songs are just too stunningly beautiful to ignore.

Kirby the Hottest- White Friends

My swag can't be legal, rockin' American Eagle...? The most ridiculous hook of the past few years, probably.




  1. dj mouse ftw.

    this whole post is killin it.

    also, I got white friends

  2. solid post briggy, solid indeed