its the real.


One Be Lo has always been one of my favorite rappers. Just by the way he expresses himself through his lyrics its crazy. He has one fucking sick flow, he coasts the beat so well. Its far from being the typical rap you hear everyday, you gotta put your underground hiphop glasses for this one. But believe me, this is reaaaaal stuff right here, no fake gangster shit. You wont find any addictive hooks or any electro beats to please your hipster ears. Its pure hip hop, the way it was like when it started and the way it should still be. Back to the lyyyricsss maaaan

He first started his career in a rap duo with Senim Silla. The duo was called Binary Star and their fist album, Waterworld, came out in 1999. The story behind this emcee team is quite interesting. They were both doing time in jail ; Senim at some correctional facility and One Be Lo was in an upstate jail. He got transferred to the same place as Senim and since OneBeLo had already gotten respect for his emcee skills at his other jail, it didn't take long that both em met and decided to kick it hard.

When they both got out, they produced the album Waterworld with a budget of 500 $ and touring only Michigan cause they were both on parole and couldn't leave the state. After gaining some respect and more money they remixed the vibes of the 1st album, added more quality and started to get more attention in the underground hip hop scene. They sold 20 000 copies of Masters of the Universe, which is quite good since mp3 piracy didn't really exist, plus they were mad underground but their music style and their way to rhyme as a duo on the beat impressed people. Anyway fuck the blahblah, listen and learn.

Binary Star - Wolf Man Jack
Binary Star - Honest Expression
Binary Star - Reality Check


2 Live Crew - Me So Horny



  1. Nice find man, never heard of them. This is what rap needs to me more like.

  2. Pretty dope.

    Love the cat/mouse gif at the bottom. Made me lol.

  3. check out their Masters of the Universe album. Such a hidden gem lost in the world of hip hop.

  4. actually the 3 songs that I posted are from this album, sick album for sure

  5. too bad i misssed their re-united LA show a couple a months ago...

  6. check binary star - KGB
    too sick.