Yea we partyin'

So first week of Igloofest is over. Check out the videos for the 2 nights we were there. We can see our gang in both!

Igloofest 2010 - Jeudi 14 janvier - Jesse Rose, David Carretta et DJ Mini from Anne-Marie Bergeron on Vimeo.

Igloofest 2010 - Samedi 16 janvier - LA Riots, Noisia, Renaissance Man and Flying-Stone from Anne-Marie Bergeron on Vimeo.


  1. hahahahahahha the green coat and the luchadore mask! Byne was killing it! Didnt see us for Jesse Rose though...

  2. you can see us at the first crowd shot (16 secs) me and al are bottom right corner and you can sort of spot gareth a bit higher to the left

  3. ahahahahahhaah Killllllllllin' it man.