that's quite a buffet you got there

Aloha, yeah back from the darkness. motivated more then ever to provide some substance to this.
Avenge the Virgins is also working on a new layout, this one needs to change very soon. So keep on checking the site, good music and good things will happen, good things...

To start heres a new Kid Cudi music video (always nice to see a wellknown guy blazin like that:

DOWNLOAD : Kid Cudi - cudderisback

2. Wolf J – Grizzy Bears Panda (Grizzly Bear + Panda Bear + Wolf J Mashup)

DOWNLOAD : Wolf J - Grizzy Bears Panda (Grizzly Bear + Panda Bear + Wolf J Mashup)

3. UNKLE - heaven (directed by Spike Jonze) : The clip is slowmo to the core, watch until they start pullin' out the tricks(around 2minsomething)... CRAZY! the long buildup is worth it

DOWNLOAD : Unkle - heaven

4. New stuff on the upcoming album "Distant Relative" from Damian Marley and Nas : As We Enter

DOWNLOAD LINK (right click)

5. Yes i know an other remix of Raven from The Proxy but I find this version pretty smashin', this one was made by Shaved Monkeys

DOWNLOAD LINK (right click)

6. Nice banger by Herve, shake your ass to this one. wait for min 1:15, the bass slaps you : Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve's Aint No Sunshine Mix)

DOWNLOAD LINK (right click)

On a more popmusic side, if you havnt seen this video yet well its a nice mix \ video dj work by DJ Earworm. Its a mashup of 2009 top 25 songs according to the Billboard. that means all the songs that you hated hearing every time you opened the radio but i admit the work done by the DJ is good

ENJOY and have goo' day


  1. you bloody hell took your sweet ass time. Is there a download for the wolf J beat?

  2. sry my bad the link didn't show up the first time but yeah i got it now i am a bit slow sometimes

  3. I like the new banner man. Real nice.

    You back from Jackson Hole yet?

  4. Oh, and isn't the Unkle video just the intro to Lakai Fully Flared?

    whatevs, nice post. Good to see you back on the bandwagon.

  5. yeah man back from jackson, and yeah its also the intro to lakai's movie,anyway what it do =, hit me up sometime