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NOTE: Yo, DMCA. Why the fuck would you pick on a blog that has like 10 readers at MOST? The song that I think you are filing the complaint against, the Dennis Ferrer one, led to a dead link, since it got deleted from mediafire already. What is the point of deleting the whole post? Didn't read the shit on the side that says "IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, WRITE IT IN THE COMMENTS AND WE SHALL BE HAPPY TO REMOVE IT"? Our goal is to promote, not pirate endlessly. I'm sure 10 downloads won't be making a dent in Dennis Ferrer's pocket or your pocket. Have a pleasant day.

Here are my five favorite songs of the moment, in no particular order. Been playing the shit out of them recently. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

1. The Bloody Beetroots ft Steve Aoki, Bobberman & Justin Pearson- Warp 1977 (192kbps)

New vocal edit of the massively popular song, off of their new EP, Christmas Vendetta: Spares of Roborama. It has not changed much, but the new shredtastic vocal really adds an awesome twist to it and breathes new life into this extremely overplayed track..

2. Dennis Ferrer- Hey Hey (DF's Attention Vocal Mix)> [REMOVED BY "Demand"]

Buy this track! LINK!

3. Florence and the Machine- You've Got the love (The XX remix) (320kbps)

The XX are killing it this year. They turn Florence's version of the track into a dark, moody, and frankly depressing tune. It reminds me a bit of Burial (AMAZING producer), which is a very good look.

4. Lil Wayne- I feel like dying (Flying Lotus remix) (320kbps)

Kind of old, but Flying Lotus just gave away the 320 of this and his a milli remix (Robo Tussin) a few days ago. Massive tune, no doubt about it. I'm really digging his style, it makes for some of the best chill-out music being made at the moment. The bass and sub bass in this is ridiculous. Some of the best stoner music out there, bruv.

5. Chromeo- Night by Night (Skream remix) (320kbps)

I've included the video for the original, mainly because it oozes coolness. Dave1 & P-Thugg are Montreal's finest funky duo, and can do no wrong by me. They are just too suave and pimp, man. Skream's remix fits the vibe of the song perfectly. This is grown-up baby making music, y'all. Get familiar.

Mr. MDMAwesome, signing out.


  1. yeaaaa hey hey! so freaking huge bro! props for hunting this one down

  2. brigi is killlllling it, you guys should of done this blog years ago so i could have listened to all your good stuff

  3. I call gareth on the previous post

  4. looool. hadnt seen you modify this one