We Want Hot Chocolate and We Want It Now!

I bring to you today

Super Viral Brothers are Olle Cornéer and Anthony Mills. These 2 guys from Stockholm are making great psychedelic pop / afrobeat (I find these guys a bit like Izza Kizza. Spitting some messed up lyrics on great beats.)

Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug

Well some of you might already know this song from their debut album "Wires in Love", remixes come from Dada Life, Stay Gold, Maskinen and contest winners Wahlström & Valiant.

Dada Life Remix (download)
Stay Gold Remix (download)
Wahlström & Valiant Remix (download)

Well the reason I'm bringing these guys up is their new releases. First off, they dropped a crazy mixtape back in October in order to help save the world from H1N1.

Without further ado, I bring to you the "Swine Flu Shot Mixtape". You can enjoy the free downloads of their mix right here.

Secondly, they just dropped a new EP called "Captain Cessna" which you can buy it here! If you do decide to support the music, make sure not to miss the Wahlström & Valiant Remix.

To finish this off even better, here are a few other goodies!

Super Viral Brothers - Back in the Swamp
Super Viral Brothers - I Don't Do Windows
Super Viral Brothers - If I Was Voting
Super Viral Brothers - Kamikaze



  1. thats some nasty ass clip ahaha

  2. That's a really fucked up video man hahah

  3. hahahahaha ridiculous clip she is gonna have some streach marks