Let's make songs, so eventually we can get these helicopters

Instead of just posting random videos, I think it's about time to drop knowledge on you chump suckers.

Introducing....(drum roll)

Ninja - fucking - sonik

I first heard rumblings about Ninjasonik when their first(?) single, "Tight Pants" dropped a while back. While I admit that I wasn't feeling the vibe at first, til I saw videos and pictures of their parties, and figured I was definitely missing out on something, so I started listening to more. They are a trio from New York, making somewhat un-classifiable music (electro-rap, hipster-rap, party-rap or whatever the fuck you want to call it), and are arguably making some of the funnest (and hated on) music out there. Love em or hate em, they are deeply ingrained in the New York party, DJ, fashion & music scene, and are not going anywhere, unless of course they get those helicopters.

I uploaded a few of my favorite songs by them, so czech it ouuuuuuut.

Ninjasonik remix of Major Lazer's Hold the Line

..along with the nifty video


Ninjasonik's remix of Udachi & Jubilee's Paypur

That's all you're getting for today, kiddies. See you next time.

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