Izza Kizza

Izza Kizza is one crazy rapper out of Georgia who is currently signed to Timbaland's record label. I stumbled across this dude a couple years back (as in 2, since a couple is 2 people, if your 3 in ya damn couple well good for you) while checking out some hip hop blogs.

First song I heard was They're Everywhere and is still the one I dig the most. It has such a sick beat with Kizza spitting some of the most illogical lyrics in the weirdest way I had ever heard. This track was released on his first mixtape Kizzaland, as well as Red Wine which is another great song.

The main reason I'm talking about him right now is his new music clip "Ooh La La" off the Connect the Dots EP he recently released.

Might as well throw in another dope clip from this guy.

That Unabomber Punani

The new Connect the Dots EP is definitely worth checking out on iTunes. To end this off well here's a few extras.

Another song from the EP

A sick remix by DJ Wool

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