Checkin in: Mackpaye

If you've been a regular follower of Avenge The Virgins for the past few years, you will have come across the fine stylings of Reims' rising star, Mackpaye.

Since we've been so fucking dormant for so long, we've kinda missed out on putting on dope tunes when they get released. Regardless, there's no expiry date for great music.

Let's get reacquainted with some of the remixes you may have missed.

First off, we have a great, synth-heavy house refix of frequent Neptunes collaborator Kenna. Mackpaye's strengths lie in making memorable, melody-driven house music; remixes and originals that remind you of champagne-soaked loft parties that last until the early morning. This remix of Chains fits Mackpaye's modus operandi to a T, and considering he has yet to make a bad tune, that's not a bad thing.

Second on the list is one of my favorite remixes by Mackpaye. Equal parts acid/techno/electro/whatever, it is one of his heaviest remixes yet, sure to get play in any peak-hour set. It is wild, energetic and deliriously addictive, and I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get to show this to you sooner.

Kenna- Chains (Mackpaye remix)

Emmanuelle- L'incertaine (Mackpaye remix)

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