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Мишка Presents Keep Watch Vol. XXVI: Club Cheval by Мишка Bloglin

It's nothing new, I know that alright, but I've been meaning to share this Мишка X Club Cheval mix since mid-june. The style is right up our allay as usual (R'n'B'/Hip-Hop into some electro). The slickest work in this mix for me is the simple speed up of John Blu's track, perfection.

One more thing to point out about this mix are the two exclusives (which were new back in the day) from Myd's Octodip EP. This is some seriously innovative material. I'm a sucker for peculiar sounds thrown around together and he layers that shit on harder than a photoshopped picture for a cosmetic ad.

Myd - Octodip

Good! Now that I've broken the ice there might be more coming your way soon. That is depending how exciting and time consuming doing laundry will be.

-b is for bored.

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