Torro Torro

Good evening to all.

As my colleague Mr Calibaba has mentioned, both he and Bynie will be roadtrippin' along the West Coast of the USA for the next few weeks, which leaves you in my semi-capable hands for a little while. Fear not, I shall be attempting to please all of you, and will continue posting bangin' tunes from as many genres as possible. I don't have much 'underground' hip-hop on my hard drive, but I'll try my best.

In the meantime, tonight's post is focused on a great Canadian house duo from Toronto that you've surely heard of before, Torro Torro.

AC Slater- Banger (Torro Torro Remix)

Autoerotique- Turn up the volume (Torro Torro & Billy the Gent moombahton remix)

Riviera- 40 Thieves (Torro Torro Remix)

Torro Torro hit us up to promote their Blue Blouse EP which dropped on T&A Records in March. They've included a great little minimix which showcases the tunes featured on the EP, which includes remixes by Zombies For Money, DJ Ayres, Wax Romeo & Johnny Love from Deathface. T&A is a dope label (run by Tittsworth and DJ Ayres) that definitely deserves your support, so if you dig the minimix, and any of the hard-hitting tunes showcased above, you should head over to Beatport to cop it and/or any of their dope tunes.

TORRO TORRO - BLUE BLOUSE EP [Mini-Mix] by TorroTorro


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