ITFW- Haters / Aaliyah EP

First of all, large up Discobelle for dropping a big post on Montreal boys ITFW and releasing the EP for free yesterday.

(I seem to be on a very Montreal-centric kick recently, for some reason. Well, whatever, it's all love, I'm sure you don't mind. Ça déborde de talent icitte, tabernak. )

ITFW, one of our city's finest DJ/producer duos, have been gaining a steady amount of love and respect since their massive tune Surgeon was featured here (modesty? heh), and released on Truancy Records' first compilation album about month ago. The strength of that release has definitely put them on on many people's 'names to watch in 2011' lists, and we're always down to support the local scene.

Made up of two expatriates now makin' big moves in Montreal, S.H. & Azamat Bogdanov, IFTW are very well known in Montreal for their distinctively swagged-out take on r&b/rap/bass, as well as for their fantastic DJ sets. We've mentioned the name almost weekly, but some might not know that these guys are the curators and resident DJs every at Boomclap on fridays at Blue Dog Motel, along with Markus of LOL Boys. Real heads know the deal, this is one of the dopest weekly parties in the entire city.

Today, we're happy to introduce you to yet another delirium-inducing ITFW release, the very raw and heavy Haters, an original tune that samples Rick Ross' The Boss to great effect. It combines the unmistakeable swagger of Rozay with heavy synths, phenomally deep bass and drums pulled straight out of Juke.

This is some 2011 Knuck If You Buck shit. Dopest song to throw bows to released this year, if you ask me.

Haters by ITFW

As well, ITFW has blessed us all with a 5 song EP of Aaliyah remixes. Although Aaliyah tunes are more-or-less sacrosanct, ITFW are well aware that they are treading on sacred ground and do her legacy justice with these rad reworks. I've been waiting a while for new material from these guys, so to have all this stuff dropped on my lap yesterday was quite the treat.

You should definitely not miss out on this release, so we've included the link to download it here.
Scrole it out, people.


Another reason I'm profiling these dudes today, besides the fact that their music is tight, is that one half of ITFW, Mr. Azamat B, was kind enough to do the first Avenge The Virgins mix for us. It will drop in the next few days, so you need to tell your wives, husbands, your siblings and possibly your kids. It's going to be major.

Building hype, son


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