we call the shots

well well well

seems like I skipped a Laid Back Sunday. So sorry about this one, I was gone snowboarding for the whole weekend. Football playoffs also took a big chunk of my time. ANYWAY, it will be back this weekend, don't worry.

Today's music originates from the UK. I felt like gettin' my English swag on. BRATHA

Since I'm not the best with words, music will do the trick. Some uptempo drum n' bass mixed with a sprinkle of grime/hiphop. AH !

B Complex - Beautiful Lies
High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Danny Byrd - Red Mist VIP
JME - I'm The Best
NiYi - Jungle Fever

have fun.



  1. Yo Cal, what do you think of K Koke? He's getting a lot of 'hood hype over here and supposedly just signed to Roc Nation. First half of Pure Koke, Vol. 1 is what you should hear if you haven't already. Peace.

  2. Sup Ronan, I'll make sure to check him out. Thanks for the suggestion

  3. Just to clarify: by 'over here' I meant in the UK. And, no problem. 1

  4. k koke, don strapz, johnny gunz, p money, voltage, romer, youtube these people there all movinn up in the music